Glaxo Plc v Glaxowellcome Limited: ChD 1996

The defendant company registration agent had registered the name Glaxowellcome Limited shortly after the announcement of Glaxo Plc’s intention to make a take-over bid for Wellcome and if it succeeded to re-name itself Glaxo-Wellcome Plc. He then offered to sell the company to Glaxo Plc at a high price. The company had not traded, but it was considered likely that it would, it being implicit in the demand for a high price for the company and that the Defendant was threatening that if it was not paid he would use or transfer the company to someone else who would use it to injure Glaxo’s goodwill. An application was made for an interlocutory injunction.
Held: The Judge granted a mandatory interlocutory injunction requiring the name of the company to be changed. This amounted to final relief, because the object was to enable Glaxo themselves to change their name to Glaxo-Wellcome, thereby making a restoration of the original position virtually impossible. Lightman J: ‘the court will not countenance any such pre-emptive strike of registering companies with names where others have the goodwill in those names and the registering party demands a price for changing the names’.


Lightman J


[1996] FSR 388


England and Wales

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