Gerrard v Koby and Another: ChD 8 Jul 2004

Baumler (UK) Ltd
The court recognised: ‘in the case of a quasi-partnership company a breach of duty by one participant may not in the event be causative of ‘prejudice or loss’ to the company, but may nevertheless lead to such a loss of confidence on the part of another, innocent, participant and breakdown in relations that the innocent participant is entitled to relief under section 461 of the 1985 Act. In effect the unfairness lies in compelling the innocent participant to remain a member of what was once a company formed with the characteristics which made it capable of being given the label of ‘quasi-partnership’, unsatisfactory as that label might be.’
Gompas QC DJ
[2004] EWHC 1763 (Ch)
Companies Act 1985 461
England and Wales
Cited by:
CitedMacom Gmbh v Bozeat and Others ChD 21-Jun-2021
Order regulating company’s affairs
COMPANY – Unfair prejudice – Petitioner 60% shareholder – Respondents 40% shareholders – Alleged breaches of director’s duties and failures to observe Shareholders’ Agreement – Undermining company’s corporate governance – Appropriate remedy – . .

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