George Montgomery-Moir, Esq of Leckie v Anne, His Wife, and Others: HL 24 Apr 1751

Separation and Aliment – Cruelty. –
The respondent raised an action of separation and aliment against her husband, the appellant, on the ground of cruelty and a calumny published by him against her honour and reputation. It was objected, that there was no relevant statement to support the action. The Commissaries allowed a proof of the libel. On advocation the Court refused the bill, but remitted, with instructions to the Commissaries, to allow a proof only of such facts as appeared material, and of the publication alleged. Proof of the calumnies on the part of the husband was allowed. The Commissaries found facts and circumstances proved relevant to infer separation. On bill of advocation the Court refused the bill, and remitted to the Commissaries. In the House of Lords reversed, and held the evidence not sufficient to support the conclusions for separation and aliment.

[1751] UKHL 6 – Paton – 687


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