General Tire v Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company Limited: HL 1975

The object of damages is to compensate for loss or injury. The general rule for ‘economic’ torts is that the measure is that sum of money which will put the injured party in the same position as he would have been in if he had not sustained the wrong.
Lord Wilberforce identified the normal categories in patent cases. They are the profit, or the royalty, which was or would have been achieved (e.g. where the defendant manufactures, or licences the manufacture of, goods covered by the patent), and the licence fee which would reasonably have been charged (e.g. where it is not possible to assess the level of profit). He went on to say: ‘Where a wrongdoer has failed to pay money which he should have paid, justice, in principle, requires that he should pay interest over the period for which he has withheld the money.’
. . And ‘There are two essential principles in valuing the claim: first, that the plaintiffs have the burden of proving their loss: second, that the defendants being wrongdoers, damages should be liberally assessed but that the object is to compensate the plaintiffs and not to punish the defendants.’
Lord Salmon said that interest: ‘is awarded because it is only just that the person who has been deprived of the use of the money due to him should be paid interest on that money for the period during which he was deprived of its enjoyment. . . [The defendants] enjoyed the use of the money during the whole of this time and in law it is deemed to have been due to them from the beginning of that period.’

Lord Wilberforce, Lord Salmon
[1976] RPC 197, [1975] 1 WLR 819, [1975] 2 All ER 173, [1975] FSR 273
England and Wales
Appeal fromGeneral Tire and Rubber Company v Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company Ltd CA 1971
Degree of Novelty Required before patent grant
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ApprovedMeters Limited v Metropolitan Gas Meters Limited CA 1911
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Held: The appeal failed. Fletcher Moulton LJ emphasised the discretion given to a judge, and said: ‘But I am . .

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