Garbutt and Another v Edwards and Another: CA 27 Oct 2005

The client challenged his opponent’s solicitors bill of costs, saying that the other side had not been given an estimate of costs. The solicitor acted on several matters for the client and had not given a formal estmate.
Held: The absence of the estimate should not deprive the solicitor of payment for the work undertaken entirely: ‘steps . . should be taken [to] reflect the fact that, consistent with the indemnity principle, the receiving party should receive reimbursement from the paying party for the costs that he has properly incurred.’


Brooke LJ, Tuckey LJ, Arden LJ


Times 03-Nov-2005, [2005] EWCA Civ 1206, [2006] 1 WLR 2907, [2006] CP Rep 8, [2006] 1 All ER 553, [2006] 1 Costs LR 143, [2005] NPC 122




Civil Procedure Rules 44.14


England and Wales


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The Solicitors’ Practice Rules had the force of a statute, being rules made by the Council of the Law Society with parliamentary sanction for the protection of that section of the public who might be in need of legal advice, assistance or oversight. . .
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The claimant said that it was due sums from the estate of the deceased solicitor. The executors said that the agreement was unlawful in that it had amounted to an agreement to share fees with an unauthorised body.
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