G, Regina (on The Application of) v X School: SC 29 Jun 2011

The claimant was employed as a teaching assistant. He was suspended after allegations of sexual misbehaviour with boy at the school. He refused to take part in the disciplinary proceedings until the police investigation was concluded. A decision was made that no prosecution would follow. The claimant’s solicitors asked to be allowed to represent him at the hearing since the school had said its report might be submitted to the Secretary of State, but they were refused. The allegations were found proved and the matter reported. The school now appealed against a finding that legal representation should have been allowed.
Held: The relevant civil right was his right to practise his profession as a teaching assistant. This right, Lord Dyson said, would be directly determined by the decision under the Education Act 2002. G contended that the school disciplinary proceedings would have such a powerful influence on the proceedings or the proceedings under the 2002 Act as to engage article 6 in both of them.
Lord Dyson said that the principal question raised was what kind of connection was required between proceedings A (in which an individual’s civil rights are not being explicitly determined) and proceedings B (in which civil rights are being explicitly determined) for article 6 to apply in both.

Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Walker, Lord Brown, Lord Kerr, Lord Dyson
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Education (Prohibition from Teaching or Working with Children) Regulations 2003 4, Education Act 2002 142, European Convention on Human Rights 6
England and Wales
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