Fulham Leisure Holdings Ltd v Nicholson Graham and Jones: ChD 14 Feb 2006

The defendant solicitors were being sued for professional negligence. The claimants had taken legal advice after termination of the retainer which led to the present action, and sought to rely upon part of counsel’s opinion. The defendants sought full disclosure of the papers relating to the advice.
Held: The court would order further limited disclosure of the advice given but not full disclosure. Such an order would not lead to any opening of the floodgates in terms of disclosing all the advice received.
Mann J
[2006] EWHC 158 (Ch), Times 23-Feb-2006
England and Wales
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The court considered disclosure of a legally privileged note of an interview: ‘I believe that the principle underlying the rule of practice exemplified by Burnell v British Transport Commission is that, where a party is deploying in court material . .
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Disclosure of legal advice. . .
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When considering the extent to which a court should order partial disclosure of legally privileged advice, the test is one of fairness in the conduct of the trial. It should be left to the trial judge to determine whether a party in the evidence . .
ApprovedIn re Konigsberg (A Bankrupt) 1989
The court considered in the context of legal privilege the distinction between the disclosure of a document and its use at trial. Parties who grant a joint retainer to solicitors do not retain any confidence as against one another.
A bankrupt’s . .
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A client who sues his former solicitor, waives his legal privilege protection, as regards that legal relationship, but that does not require a waiver also, of other privilege with later solicitors instructed in related matters. Lord Bingham LCJ . .
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There was no obligation to disclose further documents against legal professional privilege where the issues are severable. . .
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No Breach of Solicitor Client Confidence Allowed
B was charged with the murder of a young girl. He made a confession to the police, but later changed his story, saying his stepfather had killed the girl. He was acquitted. The stepfather was then charged with the murder. At his committal for trial, . .
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CitedDerby and Co Ltd And Others v Weldon And Others (No 10) CA 1991
A document had been disclosed by mistake.
Held: The inspecting parties must have realised that the documents had been disclosed by mistake. Fairness on the opposite party is the basis for the courts to hold for a waiver of legal privilege.
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Principal JudgmentFulham Leisure Holdings Ltd v Nicholson Graham and Jones ChD 5-Oct-2006
. .
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Discosure of Confidences must be at risk
H sought to restrain W’s solicitors from acting. The firm was one of six firms approached to consider representing H, and he now said that certain matters had been diviluged to the firm.
Held: The legal principles were clear, and it was for H . .

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