Fuji Grinding Wheel Mrg Co Ltd (Patent): IPO 2 Jul 2013

IPO The invention related to a disk-shaped revolving whetstone for grinding or polishing surfaces. The whetstone according to the invention was thicker in its outer portion than in its central portion. The claims also considered a ‘reference whetstone’ made out of the same amount of material and of the same diameter but with a uniform thickness. The prior art disclosed whetstones with varying thickness. The hearing officer held that the ‘reference whetstone’ added no technical limitation to the claims and that some of its specific features were added subject matter and obscure and construed the claim accordingly. Based on this construction he found that claim 8 lacked novelty and the other claims lacked an inventive step. He therefore refused the application.

Mr B Micklewright
[2013] UKIntelP o27013, O/270/13

Intellectual Property

Updated: 23 November 2021; Ref: scu.517159