Four Seasons Holdings Incorporated v Brownlie: SC 19 Dec 2017

The claimant and her family were in a car crash while on holiday in Egypt. The claimant’s husband and his daughter died. The holiday had been booked in England and the car excursion booked in advance from England. The hotel operator was incorporated in Canada, and denied that the English court had jurisdiction. Each party appealed against a judgment allowing service under the contract and 1976 Act claim, but disallowing it under the 1934 Act claim and for her own personal injuries.
Held: The Hotel company’s appeal succeeded. The negligence was governed by the law of Egypt, and the 1976 Act applied only to a tort not governed by English law. The Rome II Regulation dealt with applicable law, not jurisdiction, and could not support her claims.
The claimant had failed to bring her claims within the jurisdictional gateways which would allow service, and had not established that a viable claim existed. The Hotel had proved not to be owned by the appellant company, and any claim in contract against it must fail. On the one hand she pleaded that the contract was ‘made within the jurisdiction’ and on the other that the damage was ‘sustained within the jurisdiction’.
In determining an issue about jurisdiction, the traditional test has been whether the claimant had ‘the better of the argument’ on the facts going to jurisdiction. The Court restated that test: ‘ the claimant must supply a plausible evidential basis for the application of a relevant jurisdictional gateway; (ii) that if there is an issue of fact about it, or some other reason for doubting whether it applies, the court must take a view on the material available if it can reliably do so; but (iii) the nature of the issue and the limitations of the material available at the interlocutory stage may be such that no reliable assessment can be made, in which case there is a good arguable case for the application of the gateway if there is a plausible (albeit contested) evidential basis for it.’


Lady Hale, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Sumption, Lord Hughes


[2017] UKSC 80, [2018] 1 WLR 192, [2018] 2 All ER 91, UKSC 2016/0045, UKSC 2015/0175


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Law Reform (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1934, Fatal Accidents Act 1976, Regulation (EC) 84/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 July 2007


England and Wales


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At CABrownlie v Four Seasons Holdings Incorporated CA 3-Jul-2015
The claimant commenced an action here after suffering injury whilst in Egypt on an excursion organised under the control of the defendant. The defendant denied jurisdiction as regards the damage suffered.
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At first InstanceBrownlie v Four Seasons Holdings Incorporated QBD 19-Feb-2014
The claimant and her husband had been in a car crash while on holiday in Egypt. The tour was booked in London. The defendant denied jurisdiction. . .
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