Forrest v Overseers of Greenwich: 1858

The court was asked whether a landing stage by a river was part of the land. F. moored a barge in the Thames between high and low water mark : the moorings wera stationary, in the bed of the river; and the barge floated at high water and grounded at low water on the posts in the bed of the Thames by which it was moored, and which were in the parish of G. The barge was connected by a chain with stairs on the land, the soil of which was not the property or in the occupation of A, and which was at that point a common highway to the Thames. Moveable planks were laid from the shore on to the barge, and thence to another barge moored farther out in the Thames, and which always floated. By this means a pier was constructed which was permanently kept there and used for embarking in steam boats and landing from them ; and F, was remunerated by the parties so using ; and he had the sole controul of the pier. Held that he was rateable to the poor rate for G, as occupier of the land in the bed of the river.


Lord Campbell


[1858] XXI Victoria 890, [1858] EngR 249, (1858) 8 El and Bl 890, (1858) 120 ER 332



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