Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd v West Yorkshire Police and Another: ChD 9 Nov 2011

The claimant alleged infringement by the defendant of assorted intellectual property rights in its database. It provided systems for recovering materials deleted from Nokia mobile phones.
Held: ‘the present case is concerned with a collection of numerical data . . the individual items of data are not protected by copyright. It follows that the collection of data does not attract copyright unless the selection and arrangement of the data makes the collection the author’s own intellectual creation . . however, the selection and arrangement of the data did not make the . . List Mr Bradford’s own intellectual creation. He exercised no literary judgment even in the widest sense of the word literary, and he did not devise the form of expression of the work to any material extent.’
The court went on to consider other elements obiter in case the principle decision proved incorrect.

Arnold J
[2011] EWHC 2892 (Ch)
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England and Wales
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