First National Tricity Finance Ltd v OT Computers Ltd; In re OT Computers Ltd (in administration): CA 25 May 2004

The company had gone into liquidation. They had sold consumer policies as extended warranties on behalf of the claimant. The company had insured its own joint liability under the contracts, and the claimant sought information from the company’s administrators to assist it identifying who might else be liable.
Held: The claimant could rely upon the 1930 Act which was not restricted solely to liabilities in tort. There had been differing interpratations of the Act, but not so as to demonstrate any ambiguity in the Act so as to allow admission of parliamentary evidence under Pepper v Hart. Lord Justice Longmore: ‘the question of the date of transfer to the third party of the rights of the insured against the insurer should now . . be regarded as conclusively determined . . in favour of the view that the transfer takes place on the event of insolvency.’
Lord Justice Kay, Lord Justice Longmore, Lord Justice Parker
[2004] EWCA Civ 653, Times 31-May-2004, [2004] Ch 317
Third Parties (Rights Against Insurers) Act 1930, Consumer Credit Act 1974
England and Wales
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H, being insured by the defendant company against liability to third parties, negligently injured C in a road accident. C subsequently brought an action against H for damages, but before he could obtain judgment, H was made bankrupt and the official . .
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The plaintiff sought to claim under the rules of the P and I club of which it was a member. After defining the risks in respect of which members were to be indemnified, the rules made the following proviso in Rule 8(k): ‘A member shall at the . .
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Legal expenses insurance was purchased by a Miss Nicholson who ran a Natural Health Clinic in Clerkenwell. The insurance was called an ‘Office or Surgery Policy’ and section 7, headed ‘Legal Expenses’, provided that the insurers would pay the . .
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T and N had exposure to asbestosis claims; these claims were insured by Lloyd’s but on terms that if payments were to be made, T and N should make certain reimbursements to Lloyd’s. T and N then insured with a captive company known as Curzon their . .
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A person requesting third party information under the Act, must first establish a claim sufficient to justify the right claimed. The third party claimant’s right against the insured arose at the time when the claimant suffered a loss but that the . .
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Not good lawNigel Upchurch Associates v The Aldridge Estates Investment Co Ltd 1993
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Some agents had policies against which there were likely to be various calls, either because several claims were being pursued against the same agents by different Lloyd’s Names, or because the policies were group policies covering several agents . .
Dicta adoptedCox v Bankside Members Agency Ltd and Others CA 16-May-1995
Successful Lloyds names were entitled to enforce their claims in the normal time sequence. The transfer of the rights of the insured against the insurer under section 1(1) the 1930 Act takes place on the event of insolvency, even if the insured’s . .
CitedCentre Reinsurance International Co and Another v Curzon Insurance Ltd ChD 12-Feb-2004
It was a necessary part of the system of statutory transfers of insurance obligations under the Act, that the rights should be transferred before exhaustion of any policy excess, and notwithstanding the insolvency. The rights (inchoate at this . .
Appeal FromOT Computers v First National Tricity Finance ChD 2003
. .

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Solicitor firms had been made bankrupt leaving a shortfall after thefts from client accounts of over 12 million pounds. The thief had diappeared, and the other partners were now discharged form bankruptcy. The Law Society accepted that it could not . .

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