Farstad Supply As v Enviroco Ltd: SC 6 Apr 2011

The court was asked by the parties to a charterparty whether one of them is an ‘Affiliate’ of the charterer for the purposes of provisions in a charterparty by which both the owner and the charterer agreed to indemnify and hold each other harmless (including in the case of the charterer its ‘Affiliates’) in relation to certain liabilities. The standard agreement defined an Affiliate to include subsidiary companies, which in turn implied a requirement of membership. Under Scots Law a chargee of shares would be registered as owner. The chargor would then cease to be a member and subsidiary, and a beneficiary of the indemnity. In English law, he would have an interest in equity only.
Held: The appeal was dismissed. There was no error sufficiently clearly established to allow a court to remedy the defect found: ‘The decisions therefore indicate with remorseless clarity that anyone who is entered on the register of a company as a member in any capacity is quite simply a member, with all the relevant rights and liabilities. That being so, on July 7 2002 Nominees was in all respects the relevant member of Enviroco holding the shares transferred to it. There is therefore no room for the view that, somehow, under Scots law Asco rather than Nominees should be regarded as the member of Enviroco because Asco had transferred its shares to Nominees in security only.’

Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Rodger, Lord Mance, Lord Collins, Lord Clarke
[2011] UKSC 16, UKSC 2010/0008
Bailii Summary, Bailii, SC Summary, SC
Seventh Council Directive on consolidated accounts (83/349/EEC of June 13, 1983, Companies Act 1985 736
England and Wales
Appeal fromEnviroco Ltd v Farstad Supply A/S CA 18-Dec-2009
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