Falcke v Scottish Imperial Insurance Co: CA 1886

The owner of a policy of life assurance mortgaged the policy to secure repayment of a loan. Subsequently the owner, now the owner of an equity of redemption in the policy, paid two annual premiums which became due under the policy. The policy was then sold and a question arose as to whether the proceeds of sale should be applied in repaying the owner the amount of the two premiums in priority to the claims of the mortgagee.
Held: The owner had not acquired by the payments of the premiums any interest in the policy in priority to the claims of the mortgagee.
Cotton LJ said: ‘if a stranger pays a premium on a policy that payment gives him no lien on the policy. A man by making a payment in respect of property belonging to another, if he does so without request, is not entitled to any lien or charge on that property for such payment.’
Bowen LJ said: ‘The general principle is, beyond all question, that work and labour done or money expended by one man to preserve or benefit the property of another do not according to English law create any lien upon the property saved or benefited, nor, even if standing alone, create any obligation to repay the expenditure. Liabilities are not to be forced upon people behind their backs any more than you can confer a benefit upon a man against his will.’
Cotton LJ, Bowen LJ
(1886) 34 ChD 234
England and Wales
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