Evans Dorothy, Regina v: CACD 6 Dec 2004

The defendant appealed her conviction for having breached a restraining order under the 1997 Act. The order required her not to be ‘abusive by words or actions’ towards her neighbour. She had regularly parked her car so as to block her neighbour’s visitors. She appealed saying there had been no case to answer.
Held: ‘the question whether a word or phrase is being used in its ordinary sense or in a special sense is a question of law. But if as a matter of law the word or phrase is being used in its ordinary sense, then it is for the tribunal of fact to apply that meaning to the facts as found.’ and ‘the criminal context is not a reason for giving a narrow or strained meaning to words which bear their ordinary meaning.’ The Act provided an additional protection in that the prosecution had to show the absence of a reasonable excuse. The court was correct to have dismissed the plea of no case to answer.


Dyson LJ, Grigson J, Rhys Davies QC


[2004] EWCA Crim 3102, Times 10-Dec-2005




Protection from Harassment Act 1997 5(5)


England and Wales


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