Ellis v Meltzer: LRA 21 Dec 2017

Charges and Charging Orders : Subrogation – By oversight, on completion of a sale of a Property the solicitor (Applicant) failed to secure the discharge of one of 2 charges – balance of the completion monies (after redemption of the other mortgage) were paid to HM Revenue and Customs. After Respondent adjudged bankrupt. Applicant paid a sum equal to the monies paid to HMRC to the bank to secure the discharge of 2nd charge. Applicant then proved in the bankruptcy as an unsecured creditor and received a dividend of part of his debt. Applicant registered a unilateral notice against Respondent’s matrimonial home claiming to be subrogated to the rights of the bank, which held a charge against that property, to secure the balance. Held the unilateral notice be cancelled as the Tribunal was not satisfied that the enrichment Applicant relied upon was unjust and/or that subrogation was an appropriate remedy and because the Applicant had surrendered any claim to security by his proof in the bankruptcy.


[2017] EWLandRA 2016 – 0692




England and Wales

Registered Land

Updated: 05 April 2022; Ref: scu.605823