El-Al Israel Airlines Ltd v Danielowitz, National Labour Court: 30 Nov 1994

(Israel) ( Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice) Justice Barak said: ‘The factual premise is that people are different from one another, ‘no person is completely identical to another’ . . Every person is a world in himself. Society is based on people who are different from one another. Only the worst dictatorships try to eradicate these differences.’
Justice Barak
HCJ 721/94, [1992-4] IsrLR 478
England and Wales
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CitedThe Christian Institute and Others v The Lord Advocate SC 28-Jul-2016
(Scotland) By the 2014 Act, the Scottish Parliament had provided that each child should have a named person to monitor that child’s needs, with information about him or her shared as necessary. The Institute objected that the imposed obligation to . .

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