Durham County Council v Dunn: CA 13 Dec 2012

The claimant wished to begin a claim alleging historic sexual abuse while he had been at an institution run by the defendants. The claimant sought pre-trial disclosure of various documents and the court now considered the principle applicable, and in particular the roles of Data Protection law and the Civil Procedure Rules.
Held: The Council’s appeal against an order for disclosure failed. Appropriate measures can and should be taken to protect the identities of uninvolved third parties.
Maurice Kay LJ VP described the approach required: ‘ First, obligations in relation to disclosure and inspection arise only when the relevance test is satisfied. Relevance can include ‘train of inquiry’ points which are not merely fishing expeditions. This is a matter of fact, degree and proportionality. Secondly, if the relevance test is satisfied, it is for the party or person in possession of the document or who would be adversely affected by its disclosure or inspection to assert exemption from disclosure or inspection. Thirdly, any ensuing dispute falls to be determined ultimately by a balancing exercise, having regard to the fair trial rights of the party seeking disclosure or inspection and the privacy or confidentiality rights of the other party and any person whose rights may require protection. It will generally involve a consideration of competing ECHR rights. Fourthly, the denial of disclosure or inspection is limited to circumstances where such denial is strictly necessary. Fifthly, in some cases the balance may need to be struck by a limited or restricted order which respects a protected interest by such things as redaction, confidentiality rings, anonymity in the proceedings or other such order. Again, the limitation or restriction must satisfy the test of strict necessity.’

Maurice Kay LJ VP, Munby LJ, Tomlinson LJ
[2012] EWCA Civ 1654
Civil Procedure Rules 31, Data Protection Act 1998 1
England and Wales
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In care proceedings, unproved allegations of harm were abandoned, before being rejected by the court. The threshold criteria were satisfied on a different ground, namely, neglect and emotional harm.
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The court emphasised the need, in the interests not merely of the parent but also of the child, of a transparently fair and open procedure at all stages of the care process, including the making of documents openly available to parents.
Munby . .

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