Duhur-Johnson v Duhur-Johnson: FD 3 May 2005

The husband sought to stay divorce proceedings commenced here by his wife, saying that they had already been divorced in Nigeria. The wife said the Nigerian proceedings should not be recognised in English law.
Held: The cases established: 1) that the power was to be interpreted widely, but the powers need not be exercised if there were other ways of achieving the interests of te respondent spouse. The cases will differ. 2) The court must satisfy itself that reasonable steps had been taken to notify the respondent spouse of the proceedings. 3) When asking whether approprite notice had been given the court must consider all the circumstances and the nature of te hforeign proceedings. 4) Whether reasonable notice had been given was to be judged by English standards acknowledging the nature of the overseas proceedings. 5) It was a question of fact whether proper steps had been taken to notify the respondent and 6) The question was not what notice had in fact been given but whether the petitioner spouse had taken reasonable steps to notify the respondent spouse. On those principles, the divorce in Nigeria was not to be recognised, and the wife’s petition could proceed.


Jeremy Richardson QC


Times 18-May-2005, [2005] 2 FLR 1042


Family Law Act 1986 51(3)(a)(I)


England and Wales


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