Drake Insurance Plc v Provident Insurance Plc: ComC 3 Feb 2003

A driver caused an accident, and the claimant insurance company paid out. It now sought a contribution from the defendant, who had also insured the driver, but had denied liability. The driver was a named additional driver under the second policy, but the principal insured had failed to disclose an old speeding conviction.
Held: There had been non-disclosure, but if an accident had been correctly disclosed as no-fault rather than fault, the premium would not have changed. The right of an insurer to avoid a contract for non-disclosure is akin to the right of rescission. Once the decision is communicated, the avoidance has immediate effect. If this was done in good faith, a later revision of the basis of the proposal does not revive the contract, and nor did the continuing to collect pemiums and amendment of the insurance contract.
References: [2003] EWHC 109 (Comm)
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Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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