Donington Park Leisure Ltd v Wheatcroft and Son Ltd: ChD 7 Apr 2006

Leave to apply was pursued under the provisions of a Tomlin order. The parties had disputed the extent to which parts of the order should be exhibited to the court.
Held: The Tomlin order should be amended to add terms necessary to give effect to the parties’ intentions.
[2006] EWHC 904 (Ch)
England and Wales
CitedTrollope and Colls Limited v North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board HL 1973
The court was requested to imply a term into a building contract.
Held: The term could not be implied, since at least four alternatives might also be implied.
Lord Pearson said: ‘[T]he court does not make a contract for the parties. The . .
CitedPhillips Electronique Grand Public SA v British Sky Brodcasting Ltd CA 1995
The court warned against being less than stringent when seeking to imply a term into a contract: ‘The courts’ usual role in contractual interpretation is, by resolving ambiguities or reconciling apparent inconsistencies, to attribute the true . .
CitedTai Hing Ltd v Liu Chong Hing Bank PC 1985
(Hong Kong) The relationship between banker and customer is principally a contractual one between debtor and creditor. As between the banker and his customer, the risk of loss through forgery of the customer’s signature falls on the banker unless . .
CitedBP Refinery (Westernport) Pty Ltd v The Shire of Hastings PC 1977
(Victoria) The Board set out the necessary conditions for a clause to be implied into a contract.
Held: Lord Simon of Glaisdale said: ‘Their Lordships do not think it necessary to review exhaustively the authorities on the implication of a . .
CitedLiverpool City Council v Irwin HL 31-Mar-1976
The House found it to be an implied term of a tenancy agreement that the lessor was to be responsible for repairing and lighting the common parts of the building of which the premises formed part. In analysing the different types of contract case in . .
CitedEquitable Life Assurance Society v Hyman HL 20-Jul-2000
The directors of the Society had calculated the final bonuses to be allocated to policyholders in a manner which was found to be contrary to the terms of the policy. The language of the article conferring the power to declare such bonuses contained . .
CitedMamidoil-Jetoil Greek Petroleum Company SA v Okta Crude Oil Refinery Ad Cross CA 22-Mar-2001
The court always leans against a conclusion which will leave parties who clearly intended to contract without a legally binding contract, and that this is the more so where they have acted as though they were bound. The court strains to supply . .

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