Dominion Rent A Car Ltd v Budget Rent A Car Systems (1970) Ltd; 27 Mar 1987

References: [1987] NZCA 13, [1987] 2 TCLR 91, [1987] 2 NZLR 395, (1987) 9 NZIPR 367, (1988) 2 NZBLC 102
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Coram: Somers J
Ratio:(Court of Appeal of New Zealand) The court considered looked at the degree of activity required to justify a finding that an international company had sufficient business connection in New Zealand to which goodwill could attach.
Held: Somers J said: ‘One important limitation on the right of a trader to restrain another is that he must show an invasion of that tangible right of property compendiously described as goodwill . . The existence of a trading reputation is not by itself sufficient – there can be no damage other than to a right of property . . ‘
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