Dimond v Lovell: HL 12 May 2000

A claimant sought as part of her damages for the cost of hiring a care whilst her own was off the road after an accident caused by the defendant. She agreed with a hire company to hire a car, but payment was delayed until the claim was settled.
Held: The arrangement was a consumer credit agreement, and since it was not in proper form, the sums were not recoverable from the claimant and so in turn were not recoverable either from the defendant. The Act was intended to punish those who sought to work around it.
The additional benefits achieved as part of the mitigation of loss must be taken into account. Even if the claimant could have recovered she could have recovered no more than the ‘spot’ charge and not the charges made for an agreement that entitled the claimant to more benefit than the cost of hire itself (eg by way of financing the cost of replacement pending resolution of a claim or the cost of fighting the claim itself).

Lord Browne-Wilkinson, Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead, Lord Hoffmann, Lord Saville of Newdigate, Lord Hobhouse of Wood-borough
Gazette 31-May-2000, Times 12-May-2000, [2000] UKHL 27, [2000] 2 All ER 897, [2000] 2 WLR 1121, [2002] 1 AC 384, (2000) Rep LR 62, [2000] CCLR 57, [2000] RTR 243
House of Lords, Bailii
Consumer Credit Act 1974 127(1)
England and Wales
Appeal fromDimond v Lovell CA 29-Apr-1999
Mrs Dimond had a car accident as a result of Mr Lovell’s negligence and sought to recover from him the cost of the hire of a replacement vehicle while her car was being repaired. Under clause 5 of the hire agreement the hire company had the conduct . .
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A six year old injured his leg in a road accident, and needed daily attention. His mother gave up her job to look after him. The claim for damages on behalf of he boy included the mother’s loss of earnings. This was objected to on the grounds that . .
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PI Damages not Reduced for Own Pension
The plaintiff policeman was disabled by the negligence of the defendant and received a disablement pension. Part had been contributed by himself and part by his employer.
Held: The plaintiff’s appeal succeeded. Damages for personal injury were . .
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The tortfeasor, a member of the claimant’s family provided her with voluntary nursing care after the injury. The equivalent cost of that care, was recoverable, but would be held on trust for the carer. The underlying rationale of English Law is to . .
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Held: The court set out to give . .
CitedSternlight v Barclays Bank Plc QBD 22-Jul-2010
Various credit card customers said that the respondent banks had mis-stated the interest rates applied to them, in that the interest charged did not match the APR advertised, and that therefore the agreements were unenforceable.
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