Deutsche Getreide Und Futtermittel-Handelsgesellschaft Mbh v Hauptzollamt Hamburg-Altona: ECJ 15 Dec 1970

ECJ 1. Levies are derived from the treaty and not from national law and are simultaneously applicable in all the member states; they act as regulators of the market within the framework of a common organization and are calculated on the basis of weighted values and having regard to standard qualities; they are therefore standard charges which do not take account of the individual characteristics of the products imported. Products of lower quality than the standard quality are therefore subject to the general levy in the same way as products of higher quality.
2. Products which have suffered damage before being imported and which have therefore lost some value may in spite of this loss in value affect the agricultural market in the same way as other products which were of a lower quality than the standard quality from the start and which are however subject to the general levy. The reasons why the condition of impaired goods is below the standard quality do not affect the grounds which justify the application of the general levy to them.


R-31/70, [1970] EUECJ R-31/70






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