Dekker v Bundesversicherungsanstalt Fur Angestellte: ECJ 1 Dec 1965

ECJ Under the terms of Article 177, the court, when giving a preliminary ruling, only has jurisdiction to give a ruling on the interpretation of the Treaty and of measures of the institutions of the community, but can neither apply the Treaty and such measures to a specific case, nor rule on the interpretation of the national law of a member state.
The expression ‘benefits in kind’ within the meaning of Article 22 of Regulation no 3 refers to benefits in respect of a specific case of sickness or maternity and does not apply to supplementary pension payments intended as a contribution to the financing of the beneficiary’s sickness insurance.


C-33/65, [1965] EUECJ R-33/65




Updated: 20 May 2022; Ref: scu.131803