Decouvreur v Jordan: CA 1987

The essential characteristics of a signature are that it indicates recognition and approval of the contents of a document.
Nourse LJ said: ‘Any writing by the party to be charged by which he identifies himself or by which he can be identified by others and which shows, objectively, an intention to adopt the note or memorandum will suffice.’
Nourse LJ
Times 25-May-1987
Statute of Frauds 1677 4
England and Wales
Cited by:
CitedGood Challenger Navegante S A v Metalexportimport SA CA 24-Nov-2003
The claimant sought to enforce an arbitration award made in 1983. Time might otherwise have expired, but the claimants relied on a fax which they said was an acknowledgement of the debt, and also upon a finding in a Romanian court which created an . .
CitedGood Challenger Navegante S A v Metalexportimport S A ComC 10-Jan-2003
. .

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