Daejan Investments Ltd v Benson and Others: SC 6 Mar 2013

Daejan owned the freehold of a block of apartments, managing it through an agency. The tenants were members of a resident’s association. The landlord wished to carry out works, but failed to complete the consultation requirements. The court was asked as to the extent of the flexibility given to a Leasehold Valuation Tribunal to dispense with those requirements. The LVT and Upper Tribunal had found the failure serious and prejudicial to the tenants, and had each declined to allow the claim in full.
Held: (Majority; Lord Hope and Lord Wilson dissenting) The landlord’s appeal was allowed, but on terms limiting the tenants’ aggregate liabilities.
The effective issue was whether the tenants had suffered any prejudice. Had the landlords fulfilled the procedure, the result would have been the same. The purpose of the Regulations was to ensure that tenants were not asked to pay more than was appropriate. The consultation procedure and transaprency were not ends in themselves. Nor was it appropriate to look at whether the failure was serious or minor save as far as that created prejudice to the tenants.
The discretion given to the LVT included a power to attach conditions to its exercise in favour of the landlord whether as to costs or otherwise, and such conditions may be used to remedy any prejudice to the tenants.
Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Sumption
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Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, Service Charges (Consultation requirements) (England) Regulations 2003
England and Wales
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