CVC/Opportunity Equity Partners Limited and Opportunity Invest II Limited v Luis Roberto Demarco Almeida: PC 21 Mar 2002

(Cayman Islands) The respondent was a minority shareholder. An offer was made to buy out his interest. He petitioned for the winding up of the company on the just and equitable ground. The claimants obtained an injunction to prevent him doing so, saying that it was used for an improper purpose. The claimants applied for the injunction to be re-instated. The defendant had been a general manager of the joint venture investment company dismissed for poor performance.
Held: The offer to purchase the shares had been made only at par. Unfairness lay, not in the exclusion of the member of the company, but in an exclusion not accompanied by an offer to purchase his interest. Where the member was excluded against his will, the shares should normally be valued without discount. Here the offer was well below that value, and it was not unreasonable to refuse it, and nor accordingly was the threatened petition an abuse of process, though ‘The special nature of winding up proceedings and the loss which they may cause the company and its shareholders, however, makes it incumbent on the court to ensure that they are not brought for an improper purpose.’


Lord Bingham of Cornhill Lord Hutton Lord Hobhouse of Woodborough Lord Millett Lord Rodger of Earlsferry


Appeal No 4 of 2001, [2002] UKPC 16, (Appeal No 4 of 2001), [2002] 2 BCLC 108, [2002] BCC 684


PC, PC, PC, Bailii, PC




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