Crown Estate Commissioners v Roberts and Another: ChD 13 Jun 2008

The defendant claimed ownership as Lord Marcher of St Davids of historical rights in foreshores in Pembrokeshire. The claimants sought removal of his cautions against first registration.
Held: Lewison J explored the history of manorial holdings and how the Welsh land holding systems had been incorporated under English law. The claimant had established a right of wreck but not otherwise over either the foreshore or the seabed.


Lewison J


[2008] EWHC 1302 (Ch), [2008] 24 EG 141, [2008] 4 All ER 828, [2008] 2 P and CR 15




Statute of Quia Emptores 1290, Lords of Marches of Wales Act 1354, The Act of Union 1535, Treasure Act 1996, Game Act 1831


England and Wales


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The court considered the result where the freehold of what had formerly been waste of the manor became severed from the lordship.
Held: It ceased to be part of the manor. Lord Denning MR described the historical basis of the ownership of land . .
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If a man has a right of any wreck thrown upon another’s land he has a right of way over the same land to take it: ‘Originally all wrecks were in the Crown and the King has a right of way over any man’s ground for his wreck; and the same privilege . .
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A right to ‘wreck’ will not of itself confer a title by presumption of law to the ownershipof the soil above the shore as against the Crown.
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Where a subject is owner of a several fishery in a navigable river, where the tide flows and reflows, granted to him (as must be presumed) before Magna Charta, by the description of ‘separalem piscariam,’ that is an incorporeal and not a territorial . .
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The court was asked as to the extent of an exclusive prescriptive right (ie an exclusive right obtained through a long period of use) to take cockles and mussels from a stretch of the foreshore on the east side of the Wash, on the west coast of . .
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