Cross v Information Commissioner: FTTGRC 7 Jan 2016

s.41 Absolute exemption: Confidential information
s.23 Absolute exemption: Information supplied by, or relating to, bodies dealing with security
s.37(1)(a) to (ad) Absolute exemption: Communications with the Sovereign, Heir to Throne and next in line
s.40 Absolute exemption: Personal data
s.41 Information provided in confidence
s.35(1)(c) Qualified exemption: Advice by Law Officers
s.37(1) Qualified exemption: Communications with some members of the Royal Family
s.35(1)(a) Qualified exemption: Formulation or development of government policy
s.38 Qualified exemption: Health and safety
s.27 Qualified exemption: International relations
s.42 Qualified exemption: Legal professional privilege
s.35(1)(b) Qualified exemption: Ministerial Communications
s.24 Qualified exemption: National security
s.35(1)(d) Qualified exemption: Operation of Ministerial private office

[2016] UKFTT 2014 – 0320 (GRC)
Freedom of Information Act 2000
England and Wales


Updated: 12 November 2021; Ref: scu.559726