Criminal proceedings against Vanacker and Lesage: ECJ 12 Oct 1993

(Judgment) 1. Under the system of judicial cooperation established by Article 177 of the Treaty, the interpretation of national rules is a matter for the national courts and not for the Court of Justice, even though it has been consistently held that where national rules have been adopted in order to implement a Community directive, those courts are required to interpret their national law in the light of the wording and the purpose of the directive.
2. Directive 75/439 on the disposal of waste oils precludes national legislation establishing a system of collection and disposal of waste oils for the benefit of undertakings to which the administrative authorities grant approval for exclusive zones, and which in fact allows such approval to be granted only to national undertakings.


1993] ECR I-4947, C-37/92, [1993] EUECJ C-37/92





Constitutional, European

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