Corner House Research, Regina (on the Application of) v Secretary of State for Trade and Industry: CA 1 Mar 2005

The applicant sought to bring an action to challenge new rules on approval of export credit guarantees. The company was non-profit and founded to support investigation of bribery. It had applied for a protected costs order to support the application, and now appealed its refusal.
Held: The court restated the practice on the making of a protected costs order. PCOs can be harnessed in cases of general public importance where it is in the public interest for the courts to review the legality of novel acts by the executive in a context where it is unreasonable to expect that anyone would be willing to bear the financial risks inherent in a challenge. The court restated the governing principles: ‘1. A protective costs order may be made at any stage of the proceedings, on such conditions as the court thinks fit, provided that the court is satisfied that: i) The issues raised are of general public importance; ii) The public interest requires that those issues should be resolved; iii) The applicant has no private interest in the outcome of the case; iv) Having regard to the financial resources of the applicant and the respondent(s) and to the amount of costs that are likely to be involved it is fair and just to make the order; v) If the order is not made the applicant will probably discontinue the proceedings and will be acting reasonably in so doing. 2. If those acting for the applicant are doing so pro bono this will be likely to enhance the merits of the application for a PCO. 3. It is for the court, in its discretion, to decide whether it is fair and just to make the order in the light of the considerations set out above. ‘


Lord Phillips Master Of The Rolls


[2005] 1 WLR 2600, [2005] EWCA Civ 192, Times 07-Mar-2005, [2005] CP Rep 28, [2005] ACD 100, [2005] 4 All ER 1, [2005] 3 Costs LR 455




Supreme Courts Act 1981 51, Civil Procedure Rules 43 48


England and Wales


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The claimants appealed against refusal of a Group Litigation Order (GLO). Over 500 parties wished to claim in nuisance caused by open cast mining operations conducted by the defendants.
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