Copeland, Regina v: SC 11 Mar 2020

The Court was asked whether under the 1883 Act: for the purposes of section 4(1) can personal experimentation or own private education, absent some ulterior unlawful purpose, be regarded as a lawful object? The defendant, a young man on the autistic spectrum, had collected explosive materials expressing an interest in them for experiments. The Court of Appeal said it was bound by Riding to find that this was not a lawful object. Held (Lord Lloyd-Jones and Lord Hamblen dissenting) The appeal succeeded. Legislation had been drawn with the expectation that private hobbyists may manufacture and keep explosives for their own private use. Experimentation was a lawful object within the section.


Lord Reed, President, Lord Carnwath, Lord Lloyd-Jones, Lord Sales, Lord Hamblen


[2020] UKSC 8, [2020] WLR(D) 148, [2021] AC 815, [2020] Crim LR 645, [2020] 4 All ER 173, [2020] 2 Cr App R 4, [2020] 2 WLR 681, UKSC 2019/0089


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Explosive Substances Act 1883 4(1), Explosives Regulations 2014


England and Wales


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