City of London v Samede and Others: QBD 18 Jan 2012

The claimant sought an order for possession of land outside St Paul’s cathedral occupied by the protestor defendants, consisting of ‘a large number of tents, between 150 and 200 at the time of the hearing, many of them used by protestors, either regularly or from time to time, as overnight accommodation, and several larger tents used for other activities and services including the holding of meetings and the providing other facilities. The size and extent of the camp varied over time. Shortly before the hearing its footprint receded in some places. At an earlier stage some adjustments had been made to it in an effort to keep fire lanes open.’ The court was asked as to the claimant’s rights to the land, whether orders should be made, and if so whether orders would be a proportionate necessary and lawful interferebce in the defendant’s rights.
Held: The Order was granted. Part of the land occupied was a public highway, and the claimant had a power to keep it open. The right to obstruct a highway did not extend to a right to a long term bstruction.
Lindblom J
[2012] EWHC 34 (QB)
European Convention on Human Rights 9 10 11, Highways Act 1980 130, Public Health Act 1936 269, Human Rights Act 1998 13
England and Wales

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