Charter Plc and Another v City Index Ltd and others: ChD 12 Oct 2006

An employee of the claimant had fraudulently spent several million pounds of the claimant’s money on personal bets through the defendant company. The claimant said that the defendants knew the origin of the funds and were liable to repay them. Having settled the claim in part the defendants now claimed contributions from directors of the claimant companies, saying that they themselves contributed to the loss in failing to control their accounts adequately.
Held: The defendant’s request for summary dismissal of the claim succeeded. A claim in knowing receipt is one ‘to recover compensation…in respect of. damage’. The Part 20 claim of City Index satisfed ss.1 and 6 of the 1978 Act because (a) the decision of the Court of Appeal in respect of knowing receipt in Friends Provident Life Office v Hillier, Parker, May and Rowden was not overruled expressly or by implication by the House of Lords in Royal Brompton NHS Trust v Hammond; and (b) a claim for knowing receipt is a claim for compensation for damage sustained in consequence of a breach of trust notwithstanding that it may also be described as restitutionary. The decision of the Court of Appeal in Friends’ Provident that a claim in knowing receipt was one to recover compensation in respect of damage was binding, and the remedy for knowing receipt was compensatory within the provisions of section 6(1) even if it might also be described a restitutionary.


Sir Andrew Morritt, Chancellor


Times 27-Oct-2006, [2006] EWHC 2508 (Ch), [2007] 1 All ER 1049, [2007] 1 WLR 26




Civil Liability (Contribution) Act 1978


England and Wales


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The court was asked whether, for the purposes of establishing a company’s liability under the knowing receipt head of constructive trust, the knowledge of one of its directors can be treated as having been the knowledge of the company.
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Appeal fromCity Index Ltd and others v Gawler and others; Charter plc v City Index Ltd CA 21-Dec-2007
A senior employee of Charter had fraudulently spent substantial sums with City Index. City Index had paid out on a claim of knowing receipt, and sought contributions from directors of Charter and their auditors, saying that they had known of the . .
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