Charrington and Co Ltd v Wooler: HL 1914

The court is entitled to know the surrounding circumstances which prevailed when the contract was made. A contract is not to be construed in a vacuum. The term ‘market’ did not have a ‘fixed legal significance’ .
Lord Dunedin said: ‘in order to construe a contract the court is always entitled to be so far instructed by evidence as to be able to place itself in thought in the same position as the parties to the contract were placed, in fact, when they made it – or, as it is sometimes phrased, to be informed as to the surrounding circumstances.’
Lord Kinnear, discussing the meaning of the expression ‘fair market price’, stated: ‘Words of this kind must vary in their signification with the particular objects to which the language is directed ; and it follows that a contract about a market price cannot be correctly interpreted or applied without reference to the facts to which the contract relates . . Evidence is not admissible to put a peculiar meaning upon plain and unambiguous words. But it may be necessary to prove the relation of the document to the facts; and I take to be sound doctrine that for this purpose evidence may be given to prove any fact to which it refers, or may probably refer, or to identify any person or thing mentioned in it’.
Lord Dunedin, Lord Kinnear
[1914] AC 71
England and Wales
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