Centro Hospitalar De Setubal v Eurest Portugal – Sociedade Europeia Restaurantes Lda: ECJ 27 Feb 2014

ECJ Opinion – Public procurement – Directive 2004/18/EC – No obligation to organize a tender procedure under the rules of EU law (internal or ‘in house’ award) – Condition of ‘similar control’ – Bidder legally distinct from the contracting authority in the form of a non-profit organization – Participation of private capital in the interests of the contractor – Condition embodiment of the essence of the activity with the contracting authorities exercise ‘control similar’

Mengozzi AG
C-574/12, [2014] EUECJ C-574/12, [2014] EUECJ C-574/12
Bailii, Bailii
Directive 2004/18/EC


Updated: 01 December 2021; Ref: scu.522468