CASE XXXVIII 2 H 7, 8 By The Judges of Both Benches Forms, Precedents: 1220

Upon a venire facias upon an issue joined, the sheriff returns 12 jurors only according to the words of the writ; where he ought to have returned 24 according to constant usage, for speeding: the trial in case of challenge, death, sickness, or delay of the tales ; the sheriff shall be amerced for this return. So in a praecipe quod reddat, if he returns that the tenant has restored the land to the demandant . So in debt, that the defendant has paid the debt to the plaintiff. So on a distringas jurutores, that distrinxit illos per omnes exitus; without mentioning how much upon every one. All these are bad returns ; and the sheriff shall be amerced for such returns. So upon an habeas corpora against the jurors, that he has attacthed the jurors,without saying and habeo corpora, and.


[1220] EngR 268, (1220-1623) Jenk 172, (1220) 145 ER 112 (E)



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