Case LIII 2 H 4, 23 Jointenants, Petition, Scire Facias, Joinder In Actions: 1220

There are two jointenants in fee, their land is seised into the King’s hands ; each of them may hy himself sue a petition of right to the King: and if the King has granted this land; upon a scire facias upon such petition against the Kings patentee ; the jointenancy of the plaintiffs is not a plea for the patentee. By all the judges.
This also seems to be the law in a monstrans de droit and a traverse ; for they are not properly actions. An action does not lie against the King. But regularly jointenants ought to join in actions real and personal.


[1220] EngR 253, (1220-1623) Jenk 78, (1220) 145 ER 56 (B)




Updated: 18 May 2022; Ref: scu.461165