Camdex International Ltd v Bank of Zambia: CA 3 Apr 1996

References: Gazette 10-Jul-1996, Times 08-Apr-1996, [1998] QB 22
Coram: Mr Justice Neill, Lord Justice Peter Gibson and Lord Justice Hobhouse
Ratio: There was no maintenance in the assignment of debt though litigation was required to recover it. It remains objectionable to traffic in litigation. The assignment had no essence in maintenance and was contemplated by statute, and was effective.
Statutes: Law of Property Act 1925 136
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  • Cited – Ellis v Torrington CA ([1920] 1 KB 399)
    An assignment of the benefit of a covenant in a lease held to be sufficiently connected with enjoyment of the property as not to be a bare right of action. The assignment was not void.
    Scrutton LJ stated that the assignee of a cause of action . .

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