Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (Health): ICO 7 Apr 2021

The complainant submitted to Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust a 110 part request for information relating to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), serious incidents, restraints, seclusion and medication errors. The Trust refused to comply with the requests as it said it would exceed the cost limit under section 12(1) FOIA to do so. The Commissioner’s decision is that the Trust was correct to apply section 12(1) of FOIA and that it was not therefore obliged to comply with the requests. The Commissioner also considers that the Trust provided the complainant with advice and assistance in accordance with its obligations under section 16 of FOIA. The Commissioner does not require the Trust to take any step as a result of this decision notice.
FOI 17: Complaint upheld FOI 16: Complaint not upheld FOI 12: Complaint not upheld


[2021] UKICO IC-59106




England and Wales


Updated: 16 September 2022; Ref: scu.662916