Cabinet Office (Central Government) FS50611506: ICO 24 Aug 2016

ICO The complainant originally submitted a request to the Cabinet Office seeking information relating to the decision to confirm the proposal of Robert Kerslake for a life peerage. The complainant subsequently sent the Cabinet Office a ‘meta-request’ seeking information generated by its handling of his original request. The Cabinet Office sought to withhold the information falling within the scope of the meta-request on the basis of the following sections of FOIA: 37(1)(a) (communications with the Sovereign); 37(1)(ad) (communications with the Royal Household); 37(1)(b) (conferring of an honour or dignity); and 36(2) and (c) (effective conduct of public affairs). The Commissioner has concluded that the withheld information is exempt from disclosure on the basis of sections 36(2)(b)(i) and (ii) and section 37(1)(ad).
FOI 36: Not upheld FOI 37: Not upheld
[2016] UKICO FS50611506
England and Wales

Updated: 06 October 2021; Ref: scu.569091