Byng v London Life Association: CA 1990

References: [1990] 1 Ch 170
Coram: Browne-Wilkinson V-C, Mustill, Woolf LJJ
Ratio: The venue selected for a meeting of the members of a company was too small to accommodate all the members who attended, and so the chairman adjourned the meeting to an alternative venue.
Held: The decision by the chairman was set aside on the ground that, although acting good faith, he had failed to take into account relevant factors in the exercise of a discretion as chairman. The initial assembly of members was a meeting for the purposes of the Companies Act and the company’s articles of association, even though no business could be transacted because the members could not be adequately accommodated. The chairman had adjourned the meeting to a larger venue later in the day, without the consent or direction of those present. He had a residual common law power of adjournment, arising out of his duty to regulate proceedings so as to enable those attending to be heard and to vote. That power was not removed or restricted by the provision of the company’s articles, in circumstances where it was not possible to discover whether the meeting would agree to an adjournment and an urgent decision was needed.
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
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