Bunyan v Jordan; 1 Mar 1937

References: (1937) 57 CLR 1, [1937] HCA 5, [1937] ALR 204
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Coram: Latham C.J., Rich, Dixon, Evatt and McTiernan JJ
Ratio:(High Court of Australia) The plaintiff sought damages having been put to severe fright by a short fired by her employer, the defendant.
This case cites:

  • Cited – Wilkinson -v- Downton ([1897] 2 QB 57)
    Thomas Wilkinson, the landlord of a public house, went off by train, leaving his wife Lavinia behind the bar. A customer of the pub, Downton played a practical joke on her. He told her, falsely, that her husband had been involved in an accident and . .

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  • Cited – Rhodes -v- OPO and Another SC ([2015] 2 WLR 137, Bailii, [2015] UKSC 32, [2016] AC 219, [2015] EMLR 20, [2015] HRLR 11, [2015] WLR(D) 227, [2015] 4 All ER 1, WLRD, Bailii Summary, UKSC 2014/0251, SC, SC Summary, SC Video Summary)
    The mother sought to prevent a father from publishing a book about his life. It was to contain passages she said may cause psychological harm to their 12 year old son. Mother and son lived in the USA and the family court here had no jurisdiction to . .

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