Brown v Rice and Another: ChD 14 Mar 2007

The parties, the bankrupt and her trustee, had engaged in a mediation which failed at first, but applicant said an agreement was concluded on the day following. The defendants denied this, and the court as asked to determine whether a settlement had occurred, and was now asked whether without prejudice communications made during the mediation could now be admitted.
Held: Mediation was now actively encouraged by the courts, and it required the use in general of the rule against admission of without prejudice statements. However, ‘the admission of those communications in evidence is not prevented by the without prejudice rule since the situation is fairly and squarely within the recognised exception to the rule in respect of such communications listed by Robert Walker LJ in Unilever.’ Admitting that material, the court found that there had been no concluded settlement.
Stuart Isaacs QC J said: ‘The possible existence and desirability of a distinct privilege attaching to the entire mediation process is also usefully discussed in Brown and Marriott ADR Principles and Practice (2nd edition, 1999) at paras 22-079 to 22-097. Counsel for both ADR Group and Mrs Patel accepted, however, that this case could be decided under the existing without prejudice rule. In particular, this was because it was common ground between the parties that the court could not properly require Mr Walker to give evidence and, consistently with clause 7.4 of the agreement to mediate, neither party was intending to issue a witness summons against him. I agree that this case can be decided under the existing without prejudice rule. It may be in the future that the existence of a distinct mediation privilege will require to be considered by either the legislature or the courts but that is not something which arises for decision now.’


Stuart Isaacs QC J


[2007] EWHC 625 (Ch)




Insolvency Act 1986


England and Wales


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Lord Simon of . .
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The mediator who had acted in attempting to resolve the dispute between the parties sought to have set aside a witness summons issued by the claimant who sought to have the mediated agreement set aside for economic duress.
Held: In this case . .
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