Brittridge’s Case: 1602

Mr. B. is a perjured old knave, arid that is to be proved by a stake parting the land of H Martin and Mr Wright,’ held not actionable, for the subsequent words qualify the first words so as to make them not actionable.
Adjective words are actioaable, if they import an act done : secus, if they import an inclination only. So words spoken adjectively are actionabIe, if they slander one in his office or trade, andc. ; as to say of a Judge, he is corrupt ; – of a clergyman, he has made a seditious sermon ; or of a merchant, he is a bankrupt knave, andc
Words prima facie imputing a felony are not actionable, if explained by subsequent words,


[1602] EngR 6, (1602) 4 Co Rep 18, (1602) 76 ER 905




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