British Horseracing Board Ltd and Another v William Hill Organization Ltd: CA 13 Jul 2005

The Court allowed William Hill’s appeal, holding that BHB had not established that the ECJ had given its earlier ruling on the basis of an erroneous assumption of fact and that the result of applying the ruling was that BHB’s Database did not fall within Article 7 of the Directive or within the Database Regulations. The final list was what mattered and was something different in character. What went before, even though it may have involved selection, did not qualify the list for sui generis right.
Jacob LJ said: ‘So far as BHB’s database consists of the officially identified names of riders and runners, it is not within the sui generis right of Art.7(1) of the Directive. And I think the same reasoning applies in those cases (big races) where the BHB publishes a list of provisional runners prior to final declarations. Again what is published is different in character from a mere list of gathered in information. It is a list of horses that BHB have accepted as qualifying to race – as properly and actually entered.’
Pill, Clarke, Jacob LJJ
[2005] EWCA Civ 863, [2005] RPC 35
England and Wales
Appeal fromBritish Horseracing Board Ltd v William Hill Organisation Ltd PatC 9-Feb-2001
The defendants received data, prepared and distributed by the claimants, regarding horse races, and incorporated the information into their web pages as part of a betting service. There might have been other, indirect, ways of obtaining the same . .
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At ECJThe British Horseracing Board Ltd and Others v William Hill Organization Ltd ECJ 9-Nov-2004
The claimant sought to prevent re-use by the defendant of information from its horse racing subscription service. They claimed that they had a database right in the information. It cost andpound;4m per year to assemble.
Held: The expression . .

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CitedAttheraces Ltd and Another v British Horse Racing Board and Another ChD 21-Dec-2005
The claimants relayed horse racing events to bookmakers. The respondents collected data about the races and horses. The claimants sought the freedom to use that data, and the defendants asserted a database right to control such use.
Held: BHB . .
CitedAttheraces Ltd and Another v The British Horseracing Board Ltd and Another CA 2-Feb-2007
The defendant appealed a finding that it had abused its dominant market position in refusing to supply to the claimant a copyright licence for its information on horse racing at a proper or acceptable price. The defendant was said to have a monopoly . .
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