Brenner v Revenue and Customs; In re Modern Jet Support Centre Ltd: ChD 21 Jul 2005

The court was asked whether the process of distraint against goods for unpaid tax under section 61 of the 1970 Act is an ‘execution’ within section 183 of the 1986 Act which applies where a creditor has issued, but not completed, execution against the goods or land of a company which is subsequently wound up.
Held: Where there had been no change in the underlying policy, a court was able to look, with care, at cases prior to a statute consolidating earlier provisions. Parliament here had not taken an opportunity to move from the earlier position. ‘There is no repugnancy between the provisions of section 61 TMA 1970 and the provisions of IA 1986 which I have considered, in particular sections 107 and 175. The word ‘execution’ in section 183 IA 1986 does not include a distress under section 61 TMA 1970.’


Warren J


[2005] EWHC 1611 (Ch), Times 19-Sep-2005




Taxes Management Act 1970 61, Insolvency Act 1986 183


England and Wales


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Distress under the Poor Relief Act 1601 and other like Acts is only partly analogous to common law distress but is much more analogous to common execution; such distress was described as in the nature of an execution. . .
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The court considered how earlier cases were to be considered given that the 1986 Act was intended to be a complete and self contained code: ‘Those authorities show that, in approaching the language of the 1986 Act, one must pay particular attention . .
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Insolvency, Taxes Management

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