Blackburn and Another v West Midlands Police: CA 6 Nov 2008

The claimants, female police officers, complained that male officers had received priority payments where they had received none. The defendant said that the payments were justified in achieving a proper aim, namely the encouragement of night working.
Held: The claimants’ appeal failed. The distinction was as to payments made to reward 24/7 working. This was a legitimate purpose. More male officers were ready to work such shifts than female officers. If the legitimate aim was to reward 24/7 working, it was difficult to see how that objective would be furthered if those who do not work 24/7 were also paid the same amount.

Scott Baker LJ, Maurice Kay LJ, Wilson LJ
[2008] EWCA Civ 1208, [2009] IRLR 135
Equal Pay Act 1970 1, Police Regulations 2003 34
England and Wales
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