Black, Regina (on The Application of) v Secretary of State for Justice: SC 19 Dec 2017

The Court was asked whether the Crown is bound by the prohibition of smoking in most enclosed public places and workplaces, contained in Chapter 1 of Part 1 of the Health Act 2006.
Held: However reluctantly, the claimant’s appeal was dismissed. Parliament must be assumed to have intended that the Crown be not bound by the 2006 Act. It would have required express provision. This is a question of statutory interpretation, and not of allowing an exemption.
The classic rule is that a statutory provision is not binding on the Crown without express words or ‘necessary implication’ Many statutes have been drafted and
passed on this basis. An amendment to this by the Court would have retrospective effect with substantial and unforeseeable consequences, though it might profitably be examined by the Law Commission. Other health and safety statutes made such express provision, and indeed other parts of the 2006 Act made such provision.
Lady Hale, President, Lord Mance, Deputy President, Lord Kerr, Lord Hughes, Lord Lloyd-Jones
[2017] UKSC 81, (2018) 160 BMLR 1, [2018] 2 WLR 123, [2018] 2 All ER 212, [2018] AC 215, UKSC 2016/0070
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Health Act 2006
England and Wales
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